Pregnancy can be an exciting, yet apprehensive journey for any family. We provide comprehensive obstetrical care including patient education and full service ultrasound/obstetrical screening technologies. We are affiliated with Hoag Hospital which has the number one labor and delivery unit in Orange County. They offer 24-hour in-hospital anesthesia, 24-hour hospital laborist emergency care, and neonatal intensivist coverage in a beautiful ocean-view setting. Hoag offers prenatal classes and supportive services for all needs. We manage patients with both medical and obstetrical complications of pregnancy including advanced maternal age, multiple gestation, hypertension, diabetes, thrombophilias and preterm labor. Through appropriate consultation with a perinatologist we look forward to a healthy outcome for mother and infant.




A women’s gynecologic needs change over the course of her lifetime. We are knowledgeable in the management of gynecologic complaints and problems at each phase of life. We are skilled in the management of pap smear abnormalities including colposcopy and a variety of treatment modalities for precancerous lesions of the genital tract including HPV screening and prevention through vaccination (Gardasil). Additionally, we provide care for contraception, adolescent gynecology, IUD insertion and removal, nexplanon, family planning, menstrual abnormalities, bleeding irregularities and hormonal issues, including perimenopause and menopausal changes. We offer state-of-the-art surgical techniques and minimally invasive surgical approaches to a variety of gynecologic problems including hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, and endometrial ablation.


The annual gynecologic exam is a vital component of a woman’s wellness. A general screening exam every year includes a pelvic exam to discern abnormalities of the ovaries, uterus, vagina, and vulva, breast exam, pap smear and judicious human papillomavirus screening as well as screening mammography and colorectal cancer screening. We can also advise on appropriate sexually transmitted disease screening and treatment, menstrual irregularities, family planning, contraception, menopause and individualized postmenopausal hormonal therapies. In addition, we understand the role of nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and counseling in contributing to one’s overall wellness.




We offer Botox, Facial Fillers, Latisse, and Biocorneum Scar Treatment.


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    We are contracted with most PPO insurances and Dr. Pinkus is contracted with Hoag Medical Group/Hoag Physician Partners HMO only. Dr. Pinkus accepts Medicare. We are not contracted with Medi-Cal.