Prenatal Classes

Announcing NCWH Prenatal Classes

This interactive, in-person experience will teach everything you need to feel prepared for the labor and delivery process. Our goal is to provide a personalized experience that is geared to addressing your individual questions and concerns.

Taught by Aileen Slivkoff, NP (former Labor and Delivery nurse for 2 decades), you will learn details about:

  1. Preterm labor vs. labor
  2. Braxton Hicks or False labor vs. Real labor
  3. When to go to the Hospital and where to be evaluated
  4. What to pack
  5. The admission process and the Hoag OB Emergency Department
  6. The Stages of labor
  7. Medication options for labor vs options for an unmedicated childbirth
  8. Pushing
  9. Cesarean Sections: How, When & Why?
  10. Skin to Skin, delayed cord clamping, and recovery
  11. Postpartum care
  12. The Fourth Trimester; recommendations to assist in your transition
  13. Question & Answer

The class is held on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month between 6-8 pm. This should be attended by you and your partner or support person. Light dinner and refreshments are provided.

For inquiries regarding cost of classes and to register, please call (949) 706-0181 or send an appointment request for more information.

  • "My husband and I loved Aileen's energy. It was positive, encouraging, and confident. You can tell she loves her job and knows what she is talking about."
  • "The personal stories Aileen shared about her experience as a labor and delivery nurse helped me feel less anxious about the whole experience."
  • "Taking this class helped me prepare, all of my questions were answered."


Fill in the Form or call us directly at (949) 706-0181


    We are contracted with most PPO insurances and Dr. Pinkus is contracted with Hoag Medical Group/Hoag Physician Partners HMO only. Dr. Pinkus accepts Medicare. We are not contracted with Medi-Cal.